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Authentic, comprehensive and honest, the Welcome2Jordan travel guide is a must-have for anyone planning to visit Jordan. It introduces you to the beauty of Jordan and its rich heritage, adventures, culture and food. Written by a Jordan expert, the guide contains plenty of useful information and tips to help you make the most of your trip.

  • Varied choice of attractions from world-famous to hidden gems
  • Easy-to-read maps for over 20 locations in Jordan (including sites and hiking areas)
  • Best local dishes to try and restaurant recommendations
  • First-hand insights on the Jordanian culture
  • Tips for excursions, hikes and scenic drives across Jordan
  • Honest advice and insider tips based on 10+ years experience as a Jordan expert
  • 348 pages, digital edition (PDF eBook)

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Born out of a passion for Jordan, good food and adventures, the travel guide from Welcome2Jordan is the result of many years of experience and research in Jordan. It contains everything you need to organize an unforgettable roundtrip through Jordan.

What’s inside?

  • Travel Preparations: Best time to visit, climate per region and season, visa, land border crossings, currency… and more essentials to prepare your trip.
  • Sightseeing and Activities: From the vibrant capital Amman, Roman ruins in Jerash, the canyons of Wadi Mujib, ancient Petra to adventure-filled Wadi Rum… explore world-famous sites and hidden gems across Jordan.
  • Getting Around: Information on how to get around, useful tips on car rental, driving in Jordan, most scenic routes, coordinates for each site… everything to make sure you find your way through the country.
  • Maps and Visuals: Easy-to-read maps, showing the highlights of each location, including many archaeological sites and hiking areas. Over 150 photos show the beauty of Jordan in full color… images bring a destination to life.
  • Culture: An introduction to Jordan’s rich history for you to understand the importance of each site. First-hand insights and stories on today’s culture in modern Jordan with tips on the best cultural experiences… embrace Jordan’s rich culture.
  • FAQs: What to wear in Jordan? Is Jordan safe for female solo-travelers? What are common tourist traps to be aware of?… I have the answers to the most frequently asked questions from Jordan travelers.
  • Foodies: Jordan’s cuisine is a true delight! Information on Jordan’s most delicious dishes that you must try beyond Falafel and Hummus, with restaurant recommendations across Jordan… get your taste buds ready, you’re in for a treat!
  • First-Hand Experience: Conventional travel guides are based on a few weeks of research and follow a publisher’s template. The travel guide from Welcome2Jordan is based on over 10 years of experience. It contains comprehensive insights, authentic advice and countless insider tips … benefit from the knowledge of a Jordan expert.

Since its first edition, the Welcome2Jordan travel guide has helped thousands of travelers plan their trip to Jordan.

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The Author

About the Author

Ahlan, I’m Kitty, the founder of Welcome2Jordan and author of this Jordan travel guide. Welcome2Jordan is my personal project that is very dear to my heart. When I started writing the travel guide, my goal was to create the most authentic travel guide about Jordan that there is. Being an avid hiker and outdoor person, I’ve thoroughly explored Jordan in the past 10+ years. This travel guide is based on my experience, intensive research and honest opinion.

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Since its first edition, the Welcome2Jordan travel guide has helped thousands of travelers plan their trip to Jordan. Do you have any questions on the guide or on shipping? Please get in touch, I’ll be happy to assist you!

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